Original Lycium barbarum and "them" together, long-term drinking, you can harvest the kidney.

Original title: Lycium barbarum and "them" together,hot news long-term drinking, can harvest kidneys.

In fact, this should be familiar to everyone, because many people who pay attention to health know that they will add Lycium barbarum to our cups and should also add them to some porridge. Adding some Lycium barbarum, the nutritional value of Lycium barbarum is very high, and Lycium barbarum is relatively healthy for this food, which can achieve the best health care effect.

Speaking of the health care value of Lycium barbarum, Lycium barbarum has a special nourishing effect on kidney and liver. If the upward attack is combined with these components, I am afraid it will have a very good effect. Let's have a look.

If you mix Lycium barbarum with "them" and drink it for a long time, it will be good for your kidneys.

1. Chrysanthemum

Because winter is a dry season, many people will have symptoms of getting angry. If we put some chrysanthemums in tea, we can add some Lycium barbarum, because Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum will become lovers in ten days, because Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum have good functions of protecting our liver and kidney, and are also very useful for clearing the stomach. Liver waste and reduce liver inflammation.

2. Radix Astragali

For boys, the health of kidneys is very important. For boys, as long as you insist on soaking in water with medlar, you can add some astragalus, because astragalus itself also has the function of tonifying kidney. The combination of medlar and yellow can easily improve kidney health. The phenomenon of male kidney deficiency is also very useful for men.

3, red dates

In fact, for many women, the nutritional value of jujube can't be underestimated, because everyone knows that jujube is a very good nutrient for enriching blood and invigorating qi, and if jujube is soaked in water, you can also add some medlar, because medlar is not suitable for men. Patent, and for women who soak in water, adding Lycium barbarum will make the skin better and better, and it will improve the deficiency of both qi and blood.

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