Sports middle school entrance examination should be broadcast on the premise of ensuring safety and health


Recently,火速资讯 the topic of "how scientific movement" after "Yang Kang" has attracted attention.Some netizens believe that considering the sports safety of "Yangkang" students, the sports examination of the middle school entrance examination should be canceled.The Guangzhou Education Department issued a document saying that it has paid attention to the situation reflected by netizens. Regarding professional issues such as whether the student is infected with the recovery of the new crown virus, how to exercise the exercise and how to damage the degree of damage and other professional issues, the joint health department will organize experts to conduct full research and judgeRelated policies stipulate carefully decision -making.In addition to Guangzhou, parents in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Fujian and other places also have similar appeals.

Affected by the epidemic in the past three years, many regions in my country have canceled the unified test of sports entrance examinations according to the local epidemic situation. Parents' support.In view of "let go", many students have been infected, and during the next 3-6 months, a second wave of infection may occur. Therefore, the unified test of this year's sports secondary entrance examination is worth considering seriously.Essence

The purpose of incorporating sports into the high school entrance examination is not to "take" students, but to promote students to attach importance to their usual physical exercise and enhance students' physical fitness.We must adhere to safety first and health first.

Although junior high school graduates recover quickly after infection with the new coronal virus, it is not advisable to exercise strenuous exercise in the short term. If a unified test of the sports middle school entrance examination is held, many candidates will inevitably conduct assault training before the exam, which may cause physical damage.

In this context, it is necessary to consider canceling the unified test of this year's sports entrance examination, or use the usual sports scores as the score of the sports entrance examination, or give each student's sports entrance examination unified test score, and the usual scores are used as the score of sports in sports.In other words, it is not the cancellation of sports entrance examinations, but uses sports scores as the score of sports.Taking sports as the usual scores as a sports entrance examination will be an important direction for education evaluation reform.

Most of the sports scores in the middle school entrance examinations across my country include two parts. One is usually sports scores, and the other is the score of sports unified testing.Both parents and public opinion are approved by the income of sports into the middle school entrance examination, but there are different opinions on how to evaluate how to conduct sports entrance examinations.Public opinion is worried that the unified test testing test of the sports middle school entrance examination will lead to physical examination.This will increase the burden of students' test -oriented.

At the end of last year, how to relieve sports in the media's inclusion in the intermediate entrance examination subjects caused by the media, the relevant person in charge of students and parents of students and parents responded that the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education said that the arrangement of sports subjects in the high school entrance examinations aims to guide the comprehensive development of students instead of the selection of competition.Obviously, not only incorporate sports into the middle school entrance examination, but also does not emphasize the practice of competitive selection, to strengthen the evaluation of the process of students, pay attention to the performance of students usually take physical education classes and participate in physical exercise, and use sports results as students as the scores of sports secondary entrance examinations, orIn the sports score of the middle school entrance examination, the general sports performance is the main score.

In 2020, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "General Plan for Deepening the Reform of Education Evaluation in the New Era", which proposed that it adheres to science and effectiveness, improves results evaluation, strengthens process evaluation, explores value -added evaluation, improves comprehensive evaluation, makes full use of information technology, improves the scientific nature of educational evaluation, Professional and objective.Sports evaluation of the middle school entrance examination is an important area for exploring process evaluation.Before the processing evaluation system is established, it is necessary to conduct appropriate sports unified tests to promote the importance of schools, students, and students' parents.