Quanzhou team took the lead in the square dance finals of Fujian National Fitness Games.

In the recently concluded square dance (aerobics dance) finals of the 2023 Fujian National Fitness Games,hotly discussed information the Quanzhou Square Dance Team won two individual special prizes and won the first place in the total score of the group, and will represent Fujian Province in the finals of the 2023 National Women's Square Dance (aerobics dance) competition held in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province this month.

The competition was held in Nanping, sponsored by Fujian Sports Bureau and Fujian Women's Federation. The competition attracted many teams from all over the province to participate, and the competition was extremely fierce. Quanzhou's self-selected song "Liaohua" has a unique dance style, which combines the traditional cultural elements of Hengpu women in Quanzhou. The dance movements are smooth, natural and full of rhythm, which not only shows the enthusiasm and vitality of Quanzhou citizens, but also promotes Quanzhou's national intangible cultural heritage, making the customs of Hengpu women spread all over the country onto the stage of sports events, fully demonstrating the beauty of the integration of sports and intangible heritage.

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