"Good Parent" Growth Camp Make Betting Baby more scientific

"The火速资讯 child is going to elementary school. I want to help him make a good connection, but the information searched online is fragmented, and it is not a system."

"Children of adolescence really worried people, can't fight, can't spoil, what should I do?"


What the people are needed and the politics.On January 1, 2022, the "Family Education Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China" was formally implemented, and "bringing baby" from "family affairs" to "state affairs".Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province actively acts to help school education, family education, and social education.

In early 2023, Ma'anshan launched the "Good Parent" growth camp plan to pursue "laying the foundation for students' lifetime development" as a value pursuit. By constructing the four seasons of "spring, summer, autumn, and winter"At the stage of getting along with children, instruct parents to help their children do the five management of operating control, sleep increase, mobile phone control, reading quality and physical improvement, and stimulating children's self -growth internal drivers.

"The biggest advantage of the" good parent 'growth camp is the integration of the city's principals, famous heads, class teachers, and famous teachers' resources, and build a relatively complete family education guidance system. "Introduce the "1+N" mode of the "Good Parent" growth camp, that is, the Municipal Education Bureau offers 1 demonstration course per quarter. According to the needs of education and teaching, each school will choose from many recommended courses.Essence

In the spring, based on the title of "Young Connection", the demonstration course focuses on the high attention of parents of kindergarten, analyzes the reasons for anxiety of parents in kindergarten, and explain the solution to the strategy.

In summer, under the title of "how to do a good job in high school students", guide parents to realize that only the education of love and wisdom can nourish every lively life and make it dazzling glory.

In autumn, share with parents how to set a learning model for children, how to achieve high -quality companionship, and how to cultivate children's concentration and habit of experience.

In winter, the issues such as "how to improve the class learning efficiency of junior high school children" and "how to deal with parent -child relationships" that parents care about.

The Ma'anshan Education Bureau requires the county and district education bureaus and schools to organize and carry out the "good parent" growth camp family education and training activities with steps and steps.5 hours, the teaching time of the parent school of rural primary schools can be appropriately reduced.

Wu Yingyan, a parent of the students of the middle school affiliated to Anhui University of Technology, said that her daughter was unwilling to communicate with her parents after entering her adolescence. She did not know what to do."Teacher Cao talked about many typical cases and solutions, which benefited me a lot."

According to statistics, in 2023, Maanshan City's "Good Parents" growth camp has opened more than 600 times and participated in more than 360,000 parents.Chen Xiangyang, deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy director of the Municipal Education Bureau, said: "We will focus on the theme of the" Good Parent "growth camp to the solution to the specific problems.Typical and methods. "