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The实时新闻 family members of the disabled friends in Quanshui Village, Lianhuang Township, Dianjun District

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Zhao Qingfeng's home of the village disability association Zhao Qingfeng's house

Thanks to his barrier -free transformation of his family

Zhao Qingfeng, who looks enthusiastic and optimistic

Not only do you disabled

You also need to take care of the elderly father all year round

The younger brother of the stroke, and the sick son

In 2021, he became a full -time member of the Disabled Association

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Support 147 households with disabilities

Help them get out of the predicament


When I was young, I was disabled Work hard to take care of the disabled son

In 1972, Zhao Qingfeng was born in an ordinary family in Quanshui Village, Lianhuang Township, Dianjun District.When he was three years old, his brothers and sisters played, and his left hand caused disability due to the detonator.Today, when I recalled the past, Zhao Qingfeng was just fortunate that the younger brothers and sisters beside him were safe.

In the subsequent study and work, dueBut he was impatient and managed in an orderly manner.He said that because of the inconvenience of his left hand, he needed to be more patient and put more effort than normal people.

After graduating from high school, Zhao Qingfeng studied home appliance repair, did decoration, and planted citrus at home.

In 1994, he married his wife Wei Chunmei, and the following year, his son Xiao Jian (a pseudonym) was born.

The young son is always sick.In order to treat my son's myocarditis, appendicitis, and pneumonia, the couple ran through the major hospitals in Yichang.At first Zhao Qingfeng thought that his son was only weak and sick. In a comprehensive medical examination in 1997, Xiao Jian was told that he would not be able to stand on his own in the future because of premature hypoxia.

Zhao Qingfeng had never been fragile, but his son's pain caused tough guy Zhao Qingfeng to shed tears.

In order to find better treatment opportunities, he took his son to Xi'an for medical treatment.After three years of treatment, he spent ten years pay for it.

Under his careful escort and care, the situation of his son is better every day, you can eat independently, and he can also help parents handle simple housework.


The family was unexpectedly supported by three families

Zhao Qingfeng is not only a good father, but also a good brother and a good son.

In 2006, his brother Zhao Qinghua stroke.In 2007, his father suffered from Alzheimer's disease.This made the family who had just improved to be hit hard. Looking at her mother's worry, Zhao Qingfeng straightened her waist again and chose to face strong.In order to better take care of the family, he worked nearby, and took his father to take care of his family himself, supporting three families.

After returning home after work, first cooking, laundering, taking care of the sick son, bathing and feeding his father, and came to the younger brother's family to pay close attention to the health of his brother's health.

In the season of trimming and fertilization, Zhao Qingfeng took the initiative to take the maintenance of the orange garden. In the bumper season, he continued to help pick it up, and then gave the money sold to his brother.

Once, Zhao Qingfeng, who was working, received a phone call at home. His father accidentally fell at home and broke his forehead.Zhao Qingfeng, who was working abroad, immediately asked the leaders to leave home, sent his father to the hospital for treatment, and then returned to the post to complete the work overtime.

"He has to make money to support his family outside, but also take care of his father, brother, and son when he returns home.Zhao Qingfeng's wife Wei Chunmei said.

Under his careful care, his 78 -year -old father is still mentally, and his brother and son's condition is getting better and better.


Consistence of the Disabled Association to protect 147 households with disabilities

In 2021, the village recruited commissioners of the Disabled Persons Association, and friends suggested that he try it."I can take care of my family at home, I can also take care of the responsibility of more people!"Zhao Qingfeng remembered the journey where he had come all the way, and wanted to give full play to his value.He resolutely resigned from work and actively prepared for the exam. He finally passed the exam and became a full -time member of Quanshui Village and Changling Village.

Zhao Qingfeng, who was only in office, quickly incorporated into the big family.Quanshui Village and Changling Village have 28 square kilometers, 157 disabled people, and 147 disabled families.Every morning, he rode on an electric car and ran every inch of land in the two villages. What is the state of Pharaoh's body?What is the family situation of Xiao Li?He is "clear".With his enthusiasm and unchanged service, he won the trust of the disabled friends.

Zhao Xiaoyan (a pseudonym) of the six groups of disabled in Changling Village has citrus in her home. Due to her inconvenient legs, Zhao Qingfeng will use her holiday time to help collect citrus and transport citrus to the car.When he encountered a disabled friend with inconvenient legs and feet, he personally sent them home.He will also help friends with disabilities to sell agricultural and sideline products, such things are common.

In 28 years, he took care of his family hard and made him understand that it was not easy for the disabled friends and the disabled family to make him easier to enter the hearts of the disabled friends and become the "knowledgeable person" of the disabled friends.Someone gave him a brocade flag, and some people boasted that he did well in his work. He not only supported his family, but also supported 147 disabled families.

Take care of the little family and let him feel at ease

Take care of "everyone"

Let him gain more happiness

About the future

He wants to make the disabled friends in the jurisdiction

The happiness of life is getting happier


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