The 11th round of the original sports league ranking: Li Yingying Yuan Xinxuan first, Gong Xiangyu was promoted to the second response to the second

  OPPO officially unveiled the new flagship Find X7 series on January 8. It perfectly combines powerful images with Oriental Aesthetics to interpret the new generation of concentric design.Good protection lens module.At present,重大事件 the OPPO Find X7 series has been officially released and opened for pre -sale. Recently, friends who need to change the needs can go to OPPO online and offline channels to learn more in detail.

  As the oversized cup of the series, OPPO Find X7 Ultra brought the three color schemes of the sea wide sky, desert Yinyue and Songying Mo Yun.The name is as free as ever, and the lower part of the dark sacral skin echoes the silver texture dial of the upper part of the upper part, and the deep south of the south rushes towards the sky in a hug posture, creating a free mood in the east to observe the sea.

  The desert silver moon color color is designed with the iconic design symbol of the previous generation OPPO Find X6 series, and it is designed by brown large lychee leather and metal silver glass.Songying ink rhyme color matching is more "Chinese -style freehand".Create a delicate and high -level metal texture, but it can show its style without revealing.In addition to the two splicing color colors between the sea wide sky and desert Yinyue, there are two full glass color of smoke cloud purple and starry sky black.

  The Find X7 series has redesigned the lens module and the flash module. The module adds time grid elements.If you are careful, you can find that the Find X7 Ultra's image module is stuffed with two square lenses.OPPO has designed the staggered way for this two. The thickness of the new machine is controlled as the previous generation. It is also 9.55mm and the weight of the whole machine is 221g. It is worried that users who are thicker can be thickened can rest assured.